Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Lola @ 9 months

Scarface - Mommy was a day late on cutting her nails!

Lola's continuing to be fun and easy, although she loves to get up early - 5:00 am early. Some days it's a bit later, but she's sleeping through the night, so really can we complain? She doing lots of things right now like clapping and pulling up on everything and she's crawling. Even though her crawling isn't super fast or efficient, she can get what she wants. She's all over the place, so we can't take our eyes of her for a minute!

She tools around in her walker smacking into our ankles, pulling everything she can reach off the shelves in the kitchen. She loves to be mobile around the house like that, especially when the tray is full of Cheerios!

She's doing really well at Yume Club, except she's not taking great naps. She goes every day with a smile on her face and she hasn't whimpered once at drop off. She loves playing with the other babies and loves to watch the big kids run around.

We left Lola alone for two minutes and came back to find her "communication book" for her day care chewed to pieces. It looks like a puppy got a hold of it. I wish I could have told her senseis that!

Lola in Japanese (actually Ro-Ra)
All of her clothes and items that go to daycare are labeled with this.

We're getting into a routine, although it's a marathon from 5:30 - 7:30 am and 4:30 - 6:30 pm getting everyone packed/unpacked, dressed/undressed, etc., etc., etc. Right now she can't eat the lunch provided by Yume Club, so I'm sending in meals. Sunday is cooking baby food day and freezing it for the week. We have to label everything, so we've been reusing this labels (as you can see, I got lazy on some of the labels and there's only English).

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