Saturday, September 03, 2011

Missing Details: Maximo's Birthday and First Weeks of School

The past two weeks have been BUSY! But even with all of its craziness, Maximo has glided through with birthday celebrations, starting a new school and a new daycare. We thought it was going to be a really rough transition, but it hasn't. It's been exhausting for everyone, but there has been very few meltdowns, which has been surprising.

We definitely feel like we made the right decision to hold him back a year. He the oldest in his class, but there are quite a few kids turning four this fall.

He is thriving at school, as you can see here:
He's so happy. His language has boomed - he can tell us things he did during his day, all of his teachers' names (all 7 of them!) and his classmates' names. His teacher posts pictures for parents every Friday, so it's been fun to see what the kids have done all week and for us to have conversations about all the cool things he's doing.

Maximo loves going to school with Mommy and Daddy. We have a morning routine where we all leave together, give kisses and drop Lola off at Yume Club (where she has yet to cry when I leave her), then we head to Canadian Academy. Maximo comes to my room for about 20 minutes then I bring him to Peter Pan, which is the childcare on campus. The first few days were a little rough, because it was hard transiting between Peter Pan and his classroom (across the hall), but now he understands that he goes to Peter Pan from 8-8:25, then the bell rings and he can go to his class. This week he was invited to full day Building Blocks Program along with about half of his class. Then after school, he goes back to Peter Pan for 30 minutes to an hour, then we pick him up!

He's been doing great. His teachers are amazing, the facilities are gorgeous and the curriculum is fantastic. We couldn't ask for anything more! He has a rotation of art class, music class, and PE class and he gets to check out books from the library. It's quite funny to see what he comes home with each week - definitely not books we'd pick out. (Some so obscure that there are not even reviews or pictures of them on Amazon.)

We went to our first Back to School Night where we weren't the ones presenting. It was nice to move around with parents of Maximo's classmates to all of their classes. Even though we know the school and the teachers, it was nice to look around his classrooms and check out the things he has already done!

Here are a few pictures I didn't get up for Maximo's birthday.
His party at school (which we could both go to!):
The invitation to his birthday party:
One of my trips to school to bring birthday supplies and food:
We got him a camera for his birthday and he took about 300 photos the first day alone!

Taking pictures of Thomas (as he watched a video):

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