Saturday, September 10, 2011

Photo Friday - Week 39

I can't decide on this weeks picture. Neither are great. I took some before we left for school in the morning, then took a couple more in the afternoon. Help me decide which one to put in the slideshow of photos (see sidebar). Which one should I add for this week?

Her skin is a MESS again. Her neck is all broken out, but her face is also kind of red and blotchy. I've starting putting the yeast medication on her neck, but I haven't seen any change in the past two days. I'm going to keep trying for a few more days, then I think we may head off to the doctor. (FUN!)

Lola has had a big week! She's still LOVING Yume Club and happily goes every morning. She's mastered her crawl and can now get everywhere! She can also go from laying down to sitting back up and she's pulling up (but still crashing). We're thinking we're going to have an early walker.

Maximo joined in the photo this week too:

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Sara said...

Cute! I vote for the blue one..