Monday, February 28, 2011

Rainy Days Are Here Again

I while back I posted about my early Christmas present to myself. Since I haven't been on my bike lately, I decided to fasten it to the stroller. The stroller is now an all-weather vehicle with rain guard to keep Lola dry and an umbrella stand to hold the umbrella so Mom can text or drink her coffee while meandering around town.

Last Spring was SUPER rainy, and I really hope since I'm home this Spring that it won't be as bad, but this week has been quite wet so far. Since our place is so small and there's not a ton of things to do with kids when it's raining, except to go to indoor play areas (which I can only take so much of), I'm trying to get more creative with activities for Max.

So, this week, we've been practicing the letter A.He still confuses his lower case a,b, and d's pretty badly, so I'm trying to find fun things to practice them - like making little a's out of Cheerios and tiny strips of nori.I found this fun activity, where he could be a little paleontologist. Since the grocery store is labeling more things in English (yay, Gourmet City), I found unflavored gelatin to make a dinosaur jello mold an authentic excavation site.

He loved it and it was perfect entertainment for him while we got dinner ready tonight!

Here are the little ones cuddling together on the couch

Lola playing on the floor.
She LOVES this octopus my students got her
and gives it goofy smiles all the time.
And I made this, Chocolate-Avocado Pudding, yesterday, and I just wanted to share, because even though it sounds kind of gross, it was really good. The avocado really made a pudding-like consistency and I felt like it was a wee bit healthier than regular pudding. I didn't go all out and make the cute flower pot treat, I just made the pudding part because I came across the recipe and had an avocado that wasn't going to last too much longer.

** Since this blog has turned into ramblings of the week, I'll explain the new blog banner. John turns forty this month, so I decided to dedicate the banner to him for the whole month. Wasn't he so cute? **

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