Wednesday, February 09, 2011

2 month check up

I told myself (and you) that I wouldn't obnoxiously post every one of Lola's health check up statistics, but here I am typing this... We went to the doctor's today - the pediatrician we'll end up using for Lola, one that Max has seen a few times when he was sick last year(but not for a check up - oops, at least he has to have one before he enrolls in school in the fall).

It's funny how different this time around it is, with, well, everything. At first, there was mention of a double chin... (not mine, mind you), then the doctor said that the baby's head and stomach are usually about the same size at this age, but Lola's stomach is much larger than her head.

My reply, "Well, she's a good eater."

The doctor's reply, "There can be too much weight gain."

Ha. After all the measurements were taken, she fell into the "pretty little blue shaded in area" - within limits on the growth chart. (She's 12.5 lbs and 22.5 inches.)

I remember leaving in tears the first time I took my first cat to the vet and they told me he was overweight. And of course there was all the millions of weight checks for Maximo, which indeed stressed us out.

Lola will be just fine. (Our second kid mantra)

She had her first set of vaccinations today which she did NOT like. Of course it's different in every country, and we're trying to stick with a US schedule, more or less. Luckily this doctor is open to an American schedule. Unfortunately, in Japan, they don't mix all the vaccinations into one super cocktail shot, so Lola had to endure three shots today. Vaccinations always make me nervous. I know they are important. But her little body, is so, well, little. And she's had nothing going into that little body but milk. Again, she'll be fine. She's sleeping them off now.

I have no pictures of her this week (thankfully, Fridays force me to take at least one picture!) But I do have a cute one of big brother with the love of his life (besides us, of course):

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