Thursday, March 03, 2011

Girls' Day

Today is Girls' Day in Japan (Hinamatsura). We don't have an Hina dolls; we may have to invest in a few for our little girl, but we'll never have a huge, tiered display, because 1. we don't have the room and 2. that many dolls kind of freaks me out!

Yesterday was a little bit of a milestone - she is trying to sit up by herself and pulls herself up as much as she can, so after dealing with her daily fussiness due to lack of sleep (she sleeps beautifully at night, but at home during the day, it is horrible), I put her in the Bumbo so I could get some laundry on the line and do some things around the house (then stopped to take pictures).

She LOVED it! Later we put her in the Bumbo and she sat at the dinner table with us, which is a nice change from holding her in one arm and eating with the other.

She's getting big - FAST!

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