Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Fun Long Weekend

We went to the Oji Zoo on Saturday. Which was nice. cheap and easy to get to - all three of these combined aren't always common. Max loved it. There are more pictures in our Picasa album here.

And today, we got a BIG BOY BIKE!!!

He smiled the whole time he rode home from the store. He was very proud to be able to put groceries in his basket too.

We bought it at the grocery store and the guy wouldn't let John leave without first registering it and second, giving it a safety check!

As you can see from the video, kids' bikes here all have hand breaks. We haven't taught him how to use them yet, because he hasn't been going too fast. For the first five minutes he would pedal with his right leg then coast/pedal backwards with his left. Surprisingly, this did propel him forward. By the last block before our house, he was pedaling with both legs, but he looking down at his legs, rather than forward. We'll get there!

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