Friday, February 18, 2011

Photo Friday - Week 10

Wow! Lola's in the double digits!

Bath time with Lola
I finally got a picture of her newly discovered smile!

Today I took 52 pictures (exactly). And out of those I got a couple of really cute ones of both kids. But the majority of them I had to delete.
Most of them looked like this (or worse):

Once again it was an eventful week at Los Lemleys, the highlight being a visit to the emergency room. On Wednesday night, Maximo fell off of one of the chairs in our kitchen and hit the floor with his head without breaking his fall with his limbs. He cried for a bit, but what made us really nervous, was that he threw up twice within a couple hours of it happening. John took him to the emergency room where he had a cat-scan. Things seemed to look okay. I watched him like a hawk all day on Thursday and Friday. He still made me nervous on Thursday because he was acting a bit lethargic, but I think it was because he got to bed late on Wednesday due to his hospital visit. He seems to be okay, but it scared the heck out of us.

Today we were hanging out at home when I heard him saying, "M-A-X-I-M-O. Look Mommy, 'Max'".
I looked down on the floor to see this:
He's been fascinated with spelling things lately - mostly making things up. But, he can spell his name. Unfortunately he's a bit confused reading backwards and forwards. It may be due to the fact that when his senseis read to him at school, they read books right to left, or it could have been that big knock to his cranium.

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