Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Beach Birthday Bash

We had a great, great day at the Casa de Los Lemleys. After trying to decide what to do for Maximo's birthday, we decided on a good old fashion birthday party at home. It's hard to do that here, because the apartments are so small, but we luckily have a yard, so we decided to invite a couple of friends over to help celebrate.

Maximo had a great day and handled everything pretty well - it must be pretty overwhelming for a three year old who is jacked up on sugar (which started by licking the frosting beaters at about 9:00 am) to get a bunch of presents and have his house full of friends.

Here are some of the highlights from our day:
Playing Pin the Tail on the Whale

Happy Birthday to Maximo - he loves this song, and will sing it anytime he sees anything that resembles a birthday cake - like dirt and a stick or when he sees candles!

Happy Birthday, Maximo! We love you heaps and heaps and heaps!

Photos from the Day:
Happy 3rd Birthday, Maximo!

I'm attributing the fact that I am pregnant with a girl with how domestic I became at planning this party. I had a lot of fun planning the menu and we had fun planning our little party at "Lemley Beach". No matter how much I plan and try to get everything done, I swear I never get around to brushing my hair before hosting friends - I did make it in the shower though.


Celia said...

Whose kid was screaming during the birthday song?! Sorry about that...! Great party. Happy birthday, Max!

Julie said...

Are you kidding me - you better not be apologizing:)