Friday, August 06, 2010

It's a Girl, I think...

This is what I've heard from the doctor three times now. Today I had my monthly check up and John got to finally see the little one. It's so different with the second one. John went to every one of my prenatal visits with Maximo, but for this one, he stays home with Max so I can go.

I'm a bit of a worry wart as it is, and this pregnancy is really making my mind spin a bit. I am now just over 20 weeks pregnant, and so far, so... well, decent. The baby looks good and is the right size for its gestational age. There are a couple concerns, although not major at this point:

1. I gained double what I should have this past month - normally it's about a pound a week (1/2 kg). I gained almost 4 kg this month! That's almost 9 lbs, and I thought I was doing so much better with this one!

2. My placenta is sitting almost right on top of my old c-section/kidney surgery incision. My doctor is a little concerned with it adhering to that tissue. She's hoping the placenta will move up and then it won't be a problem. From what I could gather, the main concern is major bleeding during my c-section.

3. This week I started to have some contractions. I seriously was already writing a blog post in my head in the wee-hours of the morning... "Here We Go Again" is all that I was thinking. They didn't seem to be caused by anything, so I just laid low and they've been much better. They seem like they were just Braxton-Hicks and not regular or super consistent.

On a positive note, my cervix is totally closed and LONG, and if you didn't know already, that's exactly how you want your cervix when it's holding a baby in!

So, I wait another month for my next appointment. I'm a little concerned with working (we start back in a week), but I'll just take it easy as best as I can. The doctor told me not to worry too much. Ha!

I wish I could get more of a definitive sex on the baby because I want to go through the boxes of baby stuff I have, but we're just going to go with the fact that it's a girl. With Max, there was no doubt, and with this one there really wasn't anything there. So, the name game will begin!

Here's picture of my bigness:


Celia said...

Just getting caught up with Los Lemleys! You look great and I'm excited at the idea of a little Lemlita!

Terie and K-Dog said...

Cool! I was thinking since there was so much morning sickness it would be a girl. Don't know why, just the fight over who is boss.