Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cuteness Among the Exhaustion

We went to go see a friend this past weekend who just had a baby. The wonderful thing was that she started having complications and went on bedrest around the 24th week, but ended up delivering a baby boy on HER DUE DATE. Oh, I can only dream:)
Here are a couple of pictures from our visit:

Big Sister Kiyona and Soon-to-be Big Brother Maximo sharing a muffin.

A not so happy Toma, after finding out this milk factory isn't open yet!

Yesterday was our first day back at school and while it was nice not to be a newbie and pretty stress free, I was exhausted and felt pretty bad by the end of the day. So for day two and hopefully for the rest of the semester, I'm going to try to drink more, try to sit more and hope that all goes well. The heat is crushing right now. Our rooms are airconditioned, but the hallways are not, so I also need to not hang out there too much too.

I'm going to try to post a couple of short posts while I'm working, so hopefully you won't have to wait weeks between posts. (I'm not promising anything, although I'll try!)

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