Sunday, August 22, 2010

And August is Almost Gone...

I just realized that I didn't have a Picasa photo album made for August. To me, August is like a Sunday, sometimes it's hard to relax, because work is looming around the corner! Last week was busy with us trying to get back into the swing of things. Maximo did beautifully all week at school which was so nice and such a huge change from last year. We had three day of faculty work days and the kids arrived on Thursday. Both fifth grade (which I teach) and high school (John's neck of the woods) have gone 1:1 laptop, which should make for an interesting year. We're both pretty techie, so it'll be nice not to have to fight for resources, but it will change the dynamic of the classes a bit.

Here are a few photos from the week. Our last week with a two year old... at least for another two years:

The cat who was so starved for attention... this cat just doesn't run away

Princess Party - Max had no Prince attire, so he wore a cape!
And requested his toes be painted in blue!

Royalty at the party!

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