Saturday, September 04, 2010

Child's Play

Maximo received a couple of games for his birthday. Age 3 and up may be the youngest you can find in games - and we weren't sure he'd be able to play yet.

We opened up Cariboo and gave it a whirl. HE LOVES IT. Everyday he says,
"Daddy, Cariboo, please?"
He gets pretty excited about it and forgets to talk and yells his actions as he's doing it.
"Hmmm. Something red."
"There it is."
"Look a ball!"
It's cute to see how excited he is about it. It helps him practice his colors, letters and numbers too. We're playing the beginners' game and there's an advanced option, so we can play this game for a while!

Last night, Denis and family came over and after dinner we pulled it out and the boys played together. It was fun, although Max tried to tell Denis where he should play! We can't wait for more Game Nights in the future!

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