Tuesday, November 03, 2009

iPhone Dump

John and I got iPhones when we moved to Japan. While we were in Peru, we weren't much for using our cellphones. Until Max was born, we shared one, then we just got cheapos and purchases prepay cards.

Oh, but the iPhone... It's so much more than a phone. Neither of us like talking much on the phone, and this is probably the function we use the least on our iPhones. Oh, the things you can do with it!

I can send unobtrusive text messages, take photos and video, download recipes, play word games, and view documents. I have a Japanese translation application WITH audio, so it can just speak for me. We even have Zippo lighter applications which simulate a real lighter, just in case we're at a concert and hear an awesome ballad and we just want to sway with our lighters...

Okay, anyways, my point. Although it doesn't always take the best photos, it's nice to be able to take photos whenever, since I almost always have it with me. The problem is that I don't always remember to download them.

So, here's a dump of some photos I just downloaded from my iPhone (mostly taken within the past month):
A playdate at the park. He loved the water fountain, until he fell on his head.

Max running to me as I pick him up from daycare.
When they go outside, the kids all wear these pink hats. Pretty cute.

Travel days are fairly easy because he LOVES things that GO!

Big Boy

Leaving our bungalow and heading to airport shuttle.
The cart ride may have been the highlight of Maximo's trip!



Teresa said...

Well done!! Although, the ear phones and pacifier are a little scary...but cute.

Julie said...

I know. I wrote big boy... not with the pacifier. We're tackling that over Winter Break...