Sunday, November 22, 2009

Giving Thanks

Today we are celebrating Thanksgiving. We have a long weekend this weekend due to a Japanese holiday, but we don't have Thanksgiving off later in the week. Since we have a small Japanese combo oven (convection oven and microwave in one), I had to bring a measuring tape to the grocery store so I didn't buy a turkey bigger than our oven. Hopefully it'll cook well and I won't dry it out.

This week we received a rather large box from Nana. It was supposed to be a Christmas present for Maximo, unfortunately, we had no space to store it until Christmas, so Maximo got it a little early. Here's his message to Nana:

So he really likes to sit in his chair...
but what he really likes is
to make everything into a jungle gym:

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Linda said...

That video is so cute!
hugs Linda