Thursday, November 05, 2009


Funny Picture(s) of the Week

Yes, I missed last week. I was going to post before we went on vacation then schedule it for Thursday, but it didn't happen. Sorry if you were just dying for last Thursday to roll around so you could see what funny thing I posted (ha). We'll see if I have enough material to keep this going. Unfortunately most funny things just happen and Max normally won't continue when I whip out the camera. I snuck in with the camera for this one. He's quite smitten with Flavius and wants to share things with him (food, his monkey, etc.) and boss him around all the time - like a big brother. Fortunately, Flavius continues to put up with A LOT.

Exhibit A: Maximo sucking his own nose to free himself of boogers:

Exhibit B: (With no prompting) Tries to suck boogers out of Flavius's nose:

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