Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Fine Fall Weekend

Seriously, if Max wasn't so funny in this video, I wouldn't have posted it, because I'm a bit embarrassed by my snorting and now I'm posting it for the world to see. One reason we love our apartment is the little backyard we have. Max can go out there on his own and likes to help water the plants, sort rocks or whatever else Daddy is doing.

He's into saying "Good job!" and tries to do a "thumbs up" but can't keep his thumb up while keeping his fist closed, so he has to manually close his fist with his other hand.

And this Basil Eating thing? He did it 4 times while we were out in the yard within about 15 minutes. I've never seen him do it before, I'm not sure if he's done it before and this is the first time we've seen him or if he was a bit hungry. I'm glad he chose the basil and not the bamboo or something else. But it's a bit weird.

The weather finally seems like it's turning and getting colder. We have a long weekend next weekend which will be well deserved after parent conferences the end of this week. I'm getting excited for the holidays with this cold weather!

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Celia said...


Both the basil eating and the snorting!