Thursday, September 10, 2009

When 7:00 PM feels like Midnight-Thirty

It's been a super full week:
  • Work
  • Shipment arrived
  • A visit to the pediatrician for a check-up and TB test
  • A visit to the school nurse tonight after school to read TB skin test
  • Putting all personal belongings away (Thank God For John Lemley)
  • Washing almost all clothing before putting away - PEEE - YOUUUU - mustiness.
  • Washing all kitchenware before putting away - mold problems
BUT!!! The house is almost put together. I'll post a couple of pictures once it is. All we need now is a TV and to await the arrival of our Apple TV from the states!

The piles in our bedroom once the boxes were emptied and taken away.

A drinking problem

A little mold with your bacon?

Okay, this list doesn't seem horrendous, but this week has been a bit tiring. Max is doing better at his daycare, some mornings not fussing at all, but not being consistent about it. He is off his pacifier and monkey during the day at daycare, so that's good. Unfortunately in a week, there's a Japanese holiday that we don't have totally off and Max's daycare is closed, so he'll have to go to the daycare at Canadian Academy. It'll be nice to have him close, but he's just gotten used to going to Yume Club, so hopefully the transition there and back will be okay.

We're happy tomorrow's Friday. We've made plans to go out on Saturday for Kobe beef. We're trying out a babysitter and hopefully all goes well.

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