Saturday, September 05, 2009

Things I've learned in a Mere Month

  • To cross the street only when the light directs you to do so
  • To take my shoes off everywhere. I'm trying to point them towards the door.
  • To bow for forgiveness, as a greeting, and when you're grateful
  • That a rice cooker is a really cool appliance!
  • How to make onigiri
  • How to use a convection oven/microwave
  • How to take the train to Toys 'R Us
  • To try to not look at the prices so much, we have to eat!
  • That I love not owning a car! And that I love riding my bike/walking EVERYWHERE!
  • That looking left then right is burned into my brain, hopefully this won't get me killed.
  • That I've been missing out on the 100 Yen store. Dollar Stores just don't compare.
  • How to write 'milk' in hiragana (it's the most repeated character I write in Max's book)

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