Monday, September 07, 2009

Before The Boat

Tomorrow our shipment is due to arrive at our apartment. Hopefully all goes well after its long anticipated arrival. We've been living off of six suitcases worth of stuff + Ikea purchases + multiple trips to the 100 Yen store since June 26th.

Here are a few pics of our apartment before our many boxes arrive. I wonder if we'll like it more or less after we receive our belongings! Besides wanting our kitchenware and a few more outfits to cycle through, it's amazing what you can live without.

There are a few other photos of our apartment and Ikea purchases from our first couple of weeks here in our Picasa folder.

Our tatami room converted into a dining room.
I'm bummed we had to cover the tatami flooring,
but it needs to be protected from
the weight of the furniture + Max slinging food at meal times

Our bedroom

Max's room

Living green - Our new composter and John's rock garden.

And a few other cute shots I got tonight as I was taking pictures of the house.
These two things definitely make our house a home!

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