Thursday, September 24, 2009

Recently Purchased

Sorry I have posted in an eon in the blogosphere. I would at the bare minimum like to post at least once a week, but the days and nights are just getting by me.

Here are some recently purchased items:Lemon sake purchased after a few tastings at the sake breweries across the bridge

Pewter sake cups purchased at Fuji-sans

Bowls I bought when Celia took me to Fuji-san's - a house chock full of antiques in Kobe.

Minpei Yaki bowls- Mid 1800s - the end of the age of Edo

My latest purchase. Really, I think I've talked enough about this problem.

Since I have a pile of pictures on my camera(s) that I haven't downloaded or uploaded. Here's a little September slideshow:


Linda said...

Great photos Jules. It looks great there! Where is your singing picture? I thought you and John had a song all ready to go. (smile)

Julie said...

Yes, Islands in the Stream!