Friday, March 06, 2009

Para Delivery: Peru Part VI

Tonight, while driving home from work, we decided that we were going to order out. Almost everyone delivers here in Peru - MacDonald's, the normal pizza places, like Papa John's and Domino's (though they still have 30 minutes or less policy that is now gone in the States), KFC, and many restaurants also deliver, including roasted chicken places, Italian, our favorite falafel place... okay now that I think about it, MOST restaurants here will throw some food in a taxi with a waiter and deliver it to your door either free or for a nominal fee.

What adds another whole level on to the delivery phenomenon here is that pharmacies and grocery stories deliver; you can get almost any service come to your door - including massage therapists (I enjoy this weekly), seamstresses, (these are two that I use the most), hairdressers, carpenters, private language and dance instructors, to name a few.

Granted, when we first moved here, we (okay, I'll be honest here, John is the one who orders) really only ordered from Papa John's - talking on the phone in Spanish isn't fun and our first year or so here, it was more hassle to order it over the phone rather than go pack it up. But now with our "improved" Spanish, we could choose not to leave the house.

So after a long day at work, like today, we had great Chinese food at our door in thirty minutes.

While this is divine, what's even better is Ammodium delivered to your door at 2:00 am when you're suffering on the bathroom floor with Peru-Belly or getting a (pick one) pregnancy test/hemrrhoid cream/condoms/tampons/Vagasil/Gas-X delivered to avoid the whole embarrassment of buying one in the store.

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Hugo said...

Hey Willis...I know you have been gone from the US for quite a while now, but it's "McDonald's." Not MacDonald's nor McDowell's....get it straight sister!