Friday, March 13, 2009

It Has Been Brought to My Attention...

That a third of the month has already passed and I have not posted any pictures in our Picasa web folder.

It's this "work thing". It really gets in the way of my parenting, blogging, cooking, reading.... really the things I love best.

So, to ward off any more hate mail from relatives-who-will-remain-nameless, here are a couple of videos from the week and I've posted a few photos in the gallery. Unfortunately, now that we're back at work, we have a two hour window with Max in the evenings, which are filled with dinner, bath, a little play, and our bedtime routine... this isn't the best time for stellar photography or cinematography, but I don't think you expect that from me anyways.

I've been diligently trying to get Max to perform and talk on film.
Here is his "hot" and, my favorite - "ciao"

This just cracks John and I up!
Don't you love John's coaching... oh, I'm not looking forward to the teenage years.

And the photo album - a meager showing, but I'll try to add more this weekend.

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