Sunday, March 10, 2013

Living in Japan Outing: Oji Zoo

Maximo and Anya talking about something big
John had a badminton tournament with his students all day Saturday, so I decided to take the kids out for the day.  I find it a lot easier (usually) than taking them around island or taking them to run errands with me all day.  Despite the bit of pollution blowing in from China, it was GORGEOUS outside.  It was at least 60 degrees F and the sun was shining.

Lola and Sam, walking around hand-in-hand
when we didn't have them strapped into strollers
It's probably the easiest "kid" place for us to access off Rokko Island, as it's only a few stops away.  The Taylors joined us and we checked out the animals, had lunch, rode a couple of rides, then checked out a few more animals.

Maximo and Anya on the swings
It seems like a fairly humane zoo and the animals look healthy.  The cost is only ¥600 per adult (kids middle school age and under are free) so it was truly a bargin, even after buy lunch and a few ride tickets.

Anya and Maximo on the slide
It's supposed to be a "place to go" during cherry blossom season, and you could see the buds on so many trees while we were there.  I'm sure it's so packed full of people, it probably wouldn't be that enjoyable for us, wielding two kids and a stroller.
Max and Anya excited for the gorilla stamp

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