Sunday, March 17, 2013

Celebrating Peru in Japan

As most of you know, there are quite a few teachers at Canadian Academy who once worked at our former school, Colegio Roosevelt - the American School in Lima, Peru.  Some of them we worked with before, some worked there before our time.  Among us all there is only one true Peruvian, Carlota, but we all have Peru in our hearts.
Cusqueña beiru and a pisco sour

Carlota introduced us all to a Peruvian restaurant last weekend, called El Trujillanito in Fukae, in Kobe, Japan, which is only a few train stops away from us on Rokko Island.   I didn't want to get my hopes up and just figured it would be a nice night out with a group of friends, especially since Aimee will be leaving us in a couple of weeks.

We were pleasantly surprised.  Although the restaurant was small and the kitchen was made up of a few hot plates and jammed into a bar area of the restaurant, the food was delicious and brought us back to a very special time in our lives.

Since we knew we would be ordering and sharing a lot, we sent our orders to the restaurant on Thursday.  From the clams to the aji de gallina, to the roasted chicken to the lomo saltado to the ceviche right down to the Pisco Sours, everything tasted like it was straight out of Peru and it was DELICIOUS!

Lomo Saltado

 We will definitely be returning to El Trujillanito with our little peruano and japonesa.

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