Saturday, April 21, 2012

Living in Japan: Spring Time

A rainy walk home from school

I keep writing these "Living in Japan" posts in my head of all the cool, different, sometimes strange things that happen in our every day life.  I will try to write at least once a month, as I take pictures of things I want to share and don't want to forget...  but often times I forget to write the corresponding post to these pictures (which just get buried in my gallery) when I sit down to my computer at night.

A Cherry Blossom tree in our apartment complex
 Spring time is MAGICAL in Japan.  At least for me anyways...  after a long and "cold-enough" winter, it is an amazing time.  It starts with the plum blossoms, which often bloom before it even begins to warm up, a few weeks later, it's the cherry blossoms and the tulips and the beautification department on our island is fantastic and something is always in constant bloom.

Maximo carefully carrying home tulips from our old backyard to put in a vase in our new apartment.

It took some convincing to get him to be okay with cutting the tulips.  He told me, "No, Mommy, you can't cut them they're alive.  You're just supposed to look at them and smell them!"

It is warming up here, although it has been quite rainy on the weekends, which has made it a bit hard to get out.  Today was a gorgeous day, so the kids and I went out for a bike ride/walk.  We received a map in our mailbox of where Maximo's decorated carp was hung on island, so we set off.

A few weeks ago, we painted a carp in celebration of Children's Day (celebrated May 5th).

Our row of traced out carp to color - front and backside!
Max loved it and decided to paint his polka dotted.

It was an activity the Rokko Island Community organized.  And, it's been really organized.  We received a confirmation, then today we received a map with its location on island (there are probably about 200 or hanging around the River Mall), and when they take them down in a few weeks, they will mail it to us.

A beautiful day on Rokko Island
Maximo's carp in front of the Fashion Museum

Maximo's carp!
So, with John gone, we set out to enjoy the 70 degree weather and sunshine, grabbed take out at McDonalds and ate underneath Maximo's carp.  It was a great day!