Friday, April 06, 2012


John and I celebrated our tenth anniversary today...  barely.  But it was a good date for Maximo's first student-led conference.  Maximo led us around his classroom and needed very little prompting.

He started with saying, "Thank you for coming to my conference."

Then we sang "The Green Grass Grows All Around"with him and two of his classmates who were conferencing at the same time.

We then went through the stations set up around the room.

1. Literacy - Maximo used a pointer and showed us things around the room - like the class routines, the days of the week, some poems and then he read The Very Hungry Caterpillar to us since his class made a wall story.

2. Unit of Inquiry - He showed us the Plant Game and put the parts of the plant where they belonged and then showed us his class's radish and bean plants and where they just planted sunflowers.  They are currently learning about Changes & Cycles.

3. Mathematics - He showed us the flower garden counting game and then he sequenced events together from activities they had done in class.

4. Science - He did an experiment for us with mixing colors.  He had to finish the statements, "I wonder", "I predict", and then state what actually happened.

5. We saw his PE work and he showed us all of his skills from jumping to crab walking and throwing. 

We then had a video that Mr. Olson had made of Maximo playing the castinets and making different sounds/volume/tempos with them.  Lastly we went to the art room where we saw some of his work.

He shook Mrs. Forster's hand as we left...  and it was done!

He did a great job sharing his work and even though he often shares what he does at school it was great to see him in action.

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