Thursday, May 03, 2012

A Rainy Day in Nara

An old friend from Savannah, Hiskia, is traveling around Asia and has come to visit us in Japan.  We have just started Golden Week, and had a day off, so we decided to go to Nara which is about an hour and a half train ride away.  Unfortunately, it was a rainy windy day, but we decided to go anyways.  The weather was horrible, so we decided to put Lola in daycare, because otherwise we'd be pushing her in a rainguard-covered stroller through the mud.  Yuck!

We got to go to the Big Buddha, and Maximo definitely had a quote worth writing down
Daddy, I think the Buddha wants to give someone a high five.
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The area around Todaji temple smelled like wet deer which wasn't the most appealing, but that didn't stop us from eating a lot of food from the street venders and stopping for Udon on the way home.

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