Friday, December 30, 2011

Holiday Round-UP

Our December was full of fun activities and the excitement of Christmas!  

Decorating sugar cookies with Sakura

The buildup was much better than the actual day, although our festivities were interrupted by our trip to Thailand.  Santa was considerate enough to come on December 27th.  It was a great full day back from our trip as we stayed huddled in our house all day and the kids played with their new toys - and played really well together.  Max loved Lola's toys too, so it was a good opportunity for him to share and play nicely with Lola.

Calling Gigi and Nana on "Christmas Day"

Maximo and his new PlayMobile Crane

On the last day of school, Maximo's class had a little Christmas party that John and I could attend:
Trying to single-handedly eat the whole gingerbread house - "Look Mommy, I just ate the chimney!"

Making a jingle bell craft with Sean's mom

It was nice, then we took Max out for lunch while Lola spent the afternoon at Yume Club.  His choice was the Indian restaurant, probably more for the mango lasse than anything else, but it was nice to go out for a meal with him - and relaxing!  Eating out with Lola is far from relaxing, but now Maximo is at the age, where we all can enjoy eating out together.

 Crazy Lola - Now that she can stand and walk, she's trying to do it on every surface of the house!

 Max and almost all of the Island of Sodor on our dining room table (so Lola can't reach)

And I've updated the December 2011 photo album (on the right side bar).

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