Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year!

2011 was a full and exciting year for Los Lemleys.  We have a lot of great memories from 2011 and it was a fantastic year as a family of 4.  There are many highlights, but I won't list them all here, as I could go on forever, and you could just scroll back through the blog posts.

For New Years Eve, we had the Welbes Family over for a low key night.  Todd slaved for hours over some delicious gumbo, and I tried the "No Knead Bread" (phenomenon) which has been all over the internet the past year, and the artesian bread turned out pretty darn good.  I also through together Grammy Wood's Apple Cake to celebrate Riley's birthday and we finished off a big pot of mulled wine. 

The Welbes' brought over the game HedBanz because it seemed like a good game we could add "adult" cards too.   It was a crack-up to play, and we struggled for hours just on the children's cards, so we didn't make any on our own.  I will have to say the Lemley boys struggled a bit with the game.  Maximo didn't get it and would constantly shout out what was on people's heads and John was getting worse and worse the more he drank - but it was comical!

Todd may have been stuck on "unicorn" for over an hour
And, here are three videos to start of the New Year.  The first two I took of Lola walking on my iPhone, for some reason I can't record sound on it - I need to check on fixing this!

The last one, I could barely get through filming without cracking up.  Maximo was in the tatami room with the cheapo guitar we got from the Central Market in Lima.  He was making up a song that incorporated anything he could see - his trains, a Christmas List, Knapford Station, you may be able to make out more.  The last note he hits make me laugh just thinking about it!

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