Sunday, December 11, 2011

Photo Friday: A Year in the Life of Lola

My little project is done...  Last Friday was my last "Photo Friday" session with Lola.  It has been fun and sometimes exhausting taking photos of her each week.

Here's this past week's photo:

Lola Caroline - 52 Weeks Old

And here is the album of Lola's First Year - Week by Week:

I didn't think about doing this until she was about 5 weeks old.  I tried to go back and find pictures from weeks 3 &4, but I can't find any.  I'm sure I took some, as it was around Christmas, but I can't find any on my computer or our photo backup.  I'll blame it on the lack of sleep.
**But I did manage to get her in a different outfit every Friday**

I can say this because I'm her mom...
She didn't come out the prettiest baby.  I remember just starting at her blankly thinking,
Hmmmm.... I didn't expect you to look like that.  Who do you look like?  
 But, that all changed quickly, she's a pretty little thing now!

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