Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sports Day 2011

Monday was Sports Day in Japan.  I wrote about it a little bit here two years ago.  It really is a fantastic day at our school.  It's a half day of school where kids participate in sporting events and most of the students' parents attend.  It's a national holiday and most businesses are closed so parents (and grandparents) come, socialize and take a million pictures of their kids.

The morning starts off with stretching and the chicken dance with Freddie the Falcon (our mascot).  Maximo's class gets to lead the whole school with a couple of high school helpers in the chicken dance.  He loved it, and did not mind at all that he was in the middle of a huge field surrounded by about 1,000 people.

Afterwards, Maximo's class went back to the gym to participate in some activities, since the whole school activities would probably be a bit overwhelming and challenging for them.

I was a leader at the parachute activity and John lead the Hula hoop events.  It's really great to see the high school kids buddied up with the younger kids and everyone working together.  It's also really nice to see so many parents at the school.

After the morning activities, John and I shared a duty for the high school and middle school events, so we could flip-flop and go participate and share Sports Day with Maximo and his class.

 Maximo's class gets to meet Freddie the Falcon before heading to the field
 Maximo boogin' on down to the chicken dance - look at those arms!

 *Snack time*

 Playing sports in the gym with his classmates and all the parents looking on
 Race on!

 Scooter race

 Playing outside
 Posing with Freddie before we head off to the PTA BBQ!

We all had a great, great day!

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