Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My Family and Me - through Maximo's Eyes

At school, Maximo's class's first unit is called "My Family and Me".  It's been a perfect unit for him to start work with, especially as he's still figuring out his role of big brother.  He has had a lot of different activities involved with this theme.  Of course, one of our favorites is the "All I Really Need" song.

Here are some others:

This is the "talk of the building" assignment that the BBP and KA classes did.  They had to find pictures of people from magazines that looked like their families.  Max's was a pretty good, although I'm looking a little younger and pretty blonde.  Lola was spot on!  
What was really funny were some of the pictures of the half-naked dads will full abs. 

One mom even said to another at pick-up, "Does your husband really look like that?" HA!


We had Rainbow Bear visit us for the weekend.  Rainbow Bear is going home with each student from Maximo's class.  It's a good way for him to experience how our families and homes are the same and different.  We had to take pictures of his visit and journal about what we did - he even had a helmet for riding on the bike!  It was a bit of homework for Mommy, and we're glad our turn is over!

Maximo sharing his cultural activity with the class (with Mrs. Mayhew here) - we shared some of our Halloween activities!

Maximo sharing a picture of him and Daddy when they dressed up in Peru
- and it connects to the book they are reading in class!
Maximo is now regularly riding his bike to and from school!

Needless to say, Maximo is loving school!

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