Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fall Break - Miyajima, Japan

We went to Miyajima (translation: Island of Shrines), Japan.  It is most known for it's famous Red Torii Gate:

We had a great time with friends and our kids did great.  Maximo did well on the travel days, except for "some" anxiety getting on and off transportation (read: screaming for the first 15 seconds on and off).

Miyajima is about four hours door to door via a bus, Shinkansen, local train and a ferry to the island.  So, in that aspect, Maximo was in hog heaven.

Peace & Milk on the Shinkansen
We really had a nice time.  The weather was perfect.  There was plenty to do for all of us - with more to try to do on another trip.

It was clean and safe, which is always nice, so the kids could run a bit, except the "wild" deer were sometimes a bit aggressive.

Maximo went on his first real hike up Mount Misen.  He did a fantastic job, he walked the whole way up and back and didn't complain once!

Lola was a trooper too - she spent a lot of time in the baby carrier and rarely complained.

There was an aquarium a block from where we stayed.  It had just been redone and was great!  Maximo volunteered to help in the sealion show.

Check out the photo slide show for the excessive amount of pictures!

Miyajima - Fall Break 2011

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K. Welbes said...

Great photos! We had such a good time.