Friday, October 28, 2011

Photo Friday - Week 46

 I cheated this week.  The above picture is from Thursday, not today, Friday.  I took about 50 pictures this morning in the cute pink sweatsuit, but she was super boogery and her cheeks were really red and chapped.  Below you can see Flavius on the receiving end of a lot of Lola Love.  I take her off of him and he just continues to sit there and purr.  He never runs away or swats, no matter how many ear pulls he gets or if she straddles him and tries to ride him like a horse.

Here she is with her new "walker" toy.  She started standing up on her own this week - without holding on to anything.  She likes walking around with this, but gets stuck frequently and she hasn't figured out how to back up yet!

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