Saturday, July 16, 2011

Photo Friday - Week 31

This is the latest I've been yet and I am a bit concerned with what will happen when I return back to work.

The picture was taken on Saturday, I'll confess. We had a bit of a reservation snafu - we didn't have our reservation through Sunday, just Friday, so we had to move to a hotel for the weekend. We scrambled around Friday afternoon after learning this to try to pack our 6 bags to move to a hotel across town. And both kids were fighting naps. Fun times.

Neil Patrick Harris has one-upped my photo Friday with this. I love the themes, although I couldn't get that creative every week. Although you may not have noticed that Lola never repeats an outfit for her pictures - luckily she's growing so fast, I don't really have any options. That, and that we have inherited hundreds (really) of adorable hand-me-downs for her to model.

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