Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Back to Normal

Finally we have adjusted to the time change and we're enjoying being back in our home. We're trying to get through our list of "to-dos" before heading back to work in three weeks and hanging out around island. It's pretty hot, but not as bad as it was when I was pregnant last summer!

We've started "sleep training" with Lola, which I'll save for another post and ultimately we'd like to have the kids in the same room together within the week, so we're busy with that.

She is moving ALL over the place. She's "alligator crawling" mostly in circles and backwards, but she's moving and loving her independence! So, another item added to our to-do list is baby-proofing the apartment.

Daddy blowing up the tube for the River Mall

Staying cool at the River Mall

A big block of ice made to look like an aquarium

Playing in the little river across from our apartment and floating cicada carcasses down it!

Broccoli for Lola Vs. Broccoli for Maximo

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