Friday, July 29, 2011

Living In Japan - Cicadas!

It's about time that I wrote another Living in Japan post. I actually have a few drafts of some other topics, that I will hopefully post before we go back to work. But this topic is definitely worthy and on our minds (it's all you can hear from 5:00 am - 5:00 pm!)


The cicadas here are deafening. One day they just start and they go on everyday incessantly for a few months until one day you realize it's quiet. Before moving to Japan, I thought that cicadas (locusts) came once every seven years, flew in like a swarm into small dusty Southern towns (straight out of a movie scene) and I knew nothing else about them. I know only a bit more now and have seen them up close and personal as the bushes right now are littered with their carcasses. There are also lots of little kids out with their dads with long handled nets and bug boxes catching cicadas. You should hear what they sound like when they get caught and kids they get downright angry when caught. It sounds like they are screaming.

Baby Who Sleeps to the Music of the Cicada:

A cicada shell - fun for hours!

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