Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Maximo Heaven

I think we squeezed all of Maximo's favorite things into one day! It started at a Memorial Day parade (his first parade!) that our niece marched in with her Brownie troop... then Maximo got to ride a digger with Uncle Pete... sushi for lunch... then we went fishing... then finished the afternoon with an ice cream at Friendly's. And we got to spend the whole day with family!

Maximo was over the moon all day and I don't think we can now top it, nor will I try! He fell asleep at 5:30, I'm now just hoping he'll make it through the night... at least until 6:00 am, but I'm not holding my breath!

Maximo and Uncle Pete driving the digger.

"Fishing", but with no hooks or we'd all have battle wounds!

Aunt Carrie holding on to the back of Max's shirt
so he wouldn't fall off the dock into the water!


Terie and Kelani said...

Darn cool!!!

Celia said...

A perfect day, indeed! Hope you're enjoying your summer so far. We've got just a few more days to go...!

Celia said...

Tell your family hi for me!