Friday, June 03, 2011

Nana's House

Our niece, Jess, said it best,
"I love going to Nana's house because of the junk food. Daddy doesn't buy that stuff for our house."
Of course there are many other things to love at Nana's house besides the junk food - I'll have to take pictures of all of our old toys circa 1975 that Max gets to play with here. But Max is loving the food - especially the cereal Nana bought.

Nana bought a mini variety pack of cereals which included "Colored Cheerios".


After he ate the two little boxes, he kept asking for them, so I bought these...
(a healthier option with no artificial colors or flavors), he had one whole bite...
and now I have a whole box of them sitting in the pantry. But, we're back to eating normal breakfasts because the variety pack is all gone and hopefully Nana won't find the urge to buy another! While we don't buy Max a ton of junk to eat, it's fine that he gets spoiled a bit by his grandparents and aunts and uncles and... Once a year, a couple of boxes of Fruit Loops won't hurt him or turn him into a two hundred pound toddler, although his appetite is ridiculous these days.

Update: Not even 15 minutes after I hit "publish", Nana came home from the work. She stopped by the grocery store on the way home and got... another 10 pack of mini cereal boxes. She immediately pointed out the healthy side with Raisin Bran and Chex, then I saw the other side with more Fruit Loops and Frosted Flakes (sigh).

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