Wednesday, May 04, 2011

The Best Nest and Lola Eats!

Sorry for a lack-of-creativity blog post title. Last night was a little rough at our house and my brain is a bit foggy this morning. I've been getting books from the library at school for Maximo. Some days I totally strike out - they look great on the cover, but are, well, not and of course, these are the books he wants to read over and over and over again.

Last week, I went to the Early Childhood library in the ELAC building, rather than the main library (which is more convenient and right next to me old classroom) and it is specifically focused for the "under first grade crowd". I got some great books that none of us mind reading over and over. Max continues to LOVE books and we love to hear him sing the song from this book:
Picture from:

Miss Lola started eating a bit of food this week.
Yummm - Breastmilk guacamole! Want some?

She has been SUPER interested in what we are eating - last weekend we were at a little get together and she was staring down Zoe while she nibbled on her brownie close by. We're going to make Lola's food like we did for Max. This week we're starting simple - brown rice "mush", avocados and maybe a little banana. I know we're supposed to introduce one food every 3-4 days, but heck, this is the second kid and these are pretty low allergy foods. She did pretty good yesterday. I love making baby food. Unfortunately we have a teeny tiny freezer, so it may not be as easy to store like we did with Max.

She's super smiley these days, but I can't get a good picture of her smiling because when she smiles she wiggles her whole body!

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