Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Seriously, I'm hurting for blog post titles... Please bear with me. I don't actually use my brain for complex thoughts these days, it's mostly: feed, change, clean, cook, love, kiss, scold, hug, repeat. (Not a bad gig, though!)

I posted this video on Carrie's facebook page too, but I don't know what she checks more often (if she's a good sister, then this blog, if not, then she'll see it on facebook).

And this one... I could melt when I see how much Lola lights up when she sees her big brother. It's so much fun watching #2 ogle #1.


Terie and Kelani said...

Kelani says that she looks just like Maximo (and she has not seen all of the pictures!)

Julie said...

Kelani's right! She does look EXACTLY like Maximo when he was that age!