Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Brother and Sister

(Kinda) playing together -
Lola looks like she's trying to steal Max's pretzel while
Max tries to figure a way to get all the balls out of the baby toy.
It's taken almost 4 months, but Max is now noticing and interacting with Lola more - and she's getting old enough to almost interact back. He has been "sharing" toys with her and concerned when she's crying. Last night we wanted her to cry it out a bit because she was so over tired and couldn't fall asleep. She would fall asleep in my arms then fuss as soon as I put her down. We put her in the bedroom and had dinner together and Max was a bit bothered by the fact that we were letting Lola cry a bit -
"Mommy, Lola's crying."
"I know, Honey, she just needs to go asleep."
"Go get Lola."
"No, she's okay."

And yesterday I had forgotten to go to the bathroom all morning - yes, one can forget when living with an infant. I had to go and Lola was crying on the couch. She continued to cry while I was gone for a whole minute, and when I came back, Max was hugging her and asked to hold her, which she wanted nothing to do with at the time, but it was very cute watching him try to console his little sister.

Here are a couple of other cute pictures of the kids from the past few days:

This boy looks so big these days!
Always with her shocked look!
She loves her Sophie the Giraffe

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