Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Life As We Know It

Our life lately isn't really blog-worthy, but I'm loving it. It's really just full of hanging out with the kids - lots of playing at playgrounds and trips to the grocery store. One benefit of being at home is that Max and Lola are forced to spend time together and finally, three months later, Maximo is interested in Lola and being a helper and big brother. If I had only taken a "normal" maternity leave, I'd be back at work already (that thought makes me want to throw up a bit) and the kids would be well, I don't know, because Lola is too young to attend a daycare here, so we would have had to hire a nanny. Anyhow, I'm glad that's not happening in our lives right now.

Here are a few pictures from the past couple of days. Lola has been taking a great nap late morning/midday (in the stroller) which is great for getting out with Max - and nothing makes him happier right now than taking a train ride and playing on a playground somewhere - luckily we're in Japan and we can take trains everyday and there are playgrounds EVERYWHERE!

We can actually eat dinner as a family now - thanks to the Bumbo!

Max is all about making goofy faces these days. We catch him making funny faces in the mirror in the bathroom, in elevators, where ever he can see his reflection.

Playing with his digger at the playground

Riding the train

Waiting patiently for the brownies to bake - he fell asleep.

Tonight he asked to help bathe Lola before he got in the bath. He often mixes up his pronouns, so I thought he needed help getting into the bath, because he was saying "Help me, please." Then John figured out what he was saying and he said "No, Mommy, help you with Lola."
Very Cute.

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