Sunday, June 20, 2010

Week 1... Done

Our first week of vacation went by in a fury. It was a lot busier than we had anticipated. John and I enrolled in Japanese classes for three weeks and have decided to keep Maximo in daycare to do so. Our first class started off a bit shaky as we glanced at each other on the first day of our vacation listening to rapid-fire Japanese. We've gotten into the swing of it and we finished the week feeling a lot better about it.

Every day after our Japanese classes we've had something to do... granted we've wanted to do all these things, but every evening we were exhausted and when Maximo is exhausted, things aren't pretty. We had a good-bye party for Marilyn and then the ladies played Euchre, we had another good-bye get together for the family that is leaving at the River Mall. We had swim class for Maximo. We had a fun birthday dinner at a Robatayaki restaurant for Kirsten and Todd.
Come to Japan and we'll take you there!
Just a bit on Maximo's swim class. The flyer went out to all the students at CA and it started with the three year old class at school. I emailed the lady in charge and asked if Maximo could join, even though he's a bit young (he can enroll in the three year old program in the fall, although we're going to wait a year). She emailed me back saying if enrollment was down then they take him... well, guess who got in?

This was his first swim class without John or I getting in the water with him and he did swimmingly! When the kids/instructors started stretching I was a bit worried because he was very clingy with us, but when the sensei took his hand to take him to the pool, he never looked back. We sat behind the glass and watched class and he did well - no tears and he listened to the sensei, at least for the first 45 minutes or so.
He's the cute little one on the end in the red swim cap.Anyhow, it was nice to have a slow weekend with just the three of us. Maximo and I plan to spoil John today. Max worked hard on his little entry in John's Father's Day book. Max insisted on tracing his hands 3-4 times, having me trace his hands 2 times and making O's on the paper. Here's a couple of pictures of his hard work:

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