Sunday, June 06, 2010

A Busy Weekend

Maximo trying out his peace signs with Ally

It's finally feeling like summer, to me at least. The weather has been consistently beautiful for over a week now - about 75 and sunny. Report card grades were due last week and now we just have 4 1/2 days left with our students.

The weekend kicked off with an all-faculty TGIF. We went and got Max, then hung out for a while. When woke up the next morning and he came in our room saying, "Mommy, party fun."

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday which was a part of our busy weekend, but I'll post about that later. The baby is fine.

After the doctor's appointment, we headed to the Kobe Club for their BBQ celebrating the opening of the pool and for us to say Sayonara to a family that is leaving. Max was super happy in the pool with his friends and fell asleep in the stroller about five minutes after we left - and continued to sleep for almost 3 hours!

Today, John went to the high school graduation and then we all met up for a little Sayonara Party for Marilyn (who is my former principal and came to Japan to be a long term sub for a maternity leave). We had a Peruvian feast - aji de gallina, papas de huacaina, guacamole, pseudo-anticuchos (kabobs). Everything was delicious. Making the papas de huacaina today made me a little homesick. I love summer in Peru and I miss all the yummy food we used to eat!

Marilyn has been here since January and it's been nice having her here! We've gotten in a couple of games of Euchre and she's been here to hang out with the rest of the Peru Crew and our chaotic get-togethers with all the kids. Surprisingly enough, though, for a fairly small school, I rarely see her at work. She's working in the middle school and I'm over in the elementary part of the building; we once in a while have lunch at the same time.

Anyhow, here are a few pictures from the weekend:

Marilyn & Max

Denis, Max and Ally destroying Marilyn's bed... with love

Max getting ready to go in the pool.

(Note: I'm staying up past 7:00 pm at night, so hopefully I'll be able to blog a bit more!)

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