Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dad's Day

For Father's Day, Maximo and I made muffins for John. Maximo LOVES to help cook. It definitely takes a bit more time and patience on my part, but he's becoming a master mixer and pourer.
Afterwards, we ventured to Osaka, not for some great cultural site, but for... OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE! We found it easily and ate and ate and ate... I wish they had the same food but with more Japanese portion sizes! There was so much food.
John sacrificed a Bloomin' Onion on his special day, so I could get the most perfect food in the world... Cheese Fries! *angels sing*
Maximo was super duper good on the long ride there and back and throughout lunch. There were a ton of other families there too.
I'm glad we got to spoil Daddy a bit. He does a great job. Maximo thinks he hung the moon and has really started to love rough housing and playing chase with Daddy.

Next week, John will have to do Daddy duty 24-7 while I'm in the hospital. I know he'll do fantastic, I just hope it doesn't rain every day for him!

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