Sunday, June 13, 2010

Today Was a Good Day

Friday was our last day of school! So now, we are off for about eight weeks - woo-hoo. Friday, we had a half day of school. We left Maximo in daycare because he was already napping and we decided to go get lunch. We went to a little Mexican place in Sannomiya which kinda helps with our Mexican fix then came home took a nap, then picked up Maximo from daycare.
It's been a gorgeous couple of weeks, so after we headed to the River Mall and a bunch of my students were milling about after a hanging out there all afternoon. About five of them surrounded Maximo and played with him in the water for about two hours. Subway takeout for dinner, and our day was done!

We're watching the Wilson's lizard (a lemon-tailed gecko) for the summer and Maximo is in love.

Otherwise, we plan to have a pretty relaxed summer. We know of no other teachers staying for the summer - we're taking Japanese classes for a few weeks, my mom comes for a few weeks and we're just going to explore and hang.

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