Sunday, October 04, 2009


In the wake of the Harvest Moon, I just spent the past hour trying to give the blog a little Halloween flare and all I ended up with is dark colors and BOO! Not very spooky, but I had to draw the line at an hour of jumping between programs finding backgrounds and adapting the banner to fit.

Last night, Celia, Jenny and I took Denis, Allie and Max to Chinatown for the Harvest Moon Festival celebrating the full moon. We enjoyed delicious food on sticks and the ambience until two of the three ended up in tears due to the gongs and masked characters. We ended up hanging out outside the Motomachi train station dancing to the Andean musician. Nothing like hearing Condor Pasa on the pan flute IN THE MIDDLE OF JAPAN!

Since I'm trying to get back on track with posts and photos, I've created a new Picasa folder for the month of October and I'll continue to post pics this month (in theory) and of our fall break vacation (IN THE PHILIPPINES!).

October Photos

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