Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Funny POTW

Funny Picture of the Week

Having iPhones allows us to quickly snap a shot as we're out and about. Living in a foreign country, life is full of lots of funnies - normally you're laughing at yourself for making a social faux-pas or using toilet cleaner on your hair or laughing so you don't cry because it sometimes can take A LOT more time to do a simple task, especially when you're not fluent in the language.

So, I've already taken a few pics, and want to share, so I will TRY (not promising) to post one a week.

This week's is:

You may have to blow it up to see it, but the third line says, "Please avoid having snakes inside."

Sometimes, there's just a funny (Babelfish) translation where most of the words are correct, but they are out of order or the context is humorous. I'm really not sure what this one means. We were in an indoor play area for kids - there were no snake-like toys anywhere and I have yet to see a Japanese walking around with a pet snake (pet turtle on the other hand, yes), so I'm at a loss here.

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